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B.5 Verification

We will prove the correctness of the program shown above; this is not a proof of the Chandy-Lamport algorithm that solves a much more general problem [6]. However, by focusing on our application, the proof becomes more concrete and its relationship to the program more direct.

In this section, we wil use the following typed variables:

m a message
c a channel, identified with the array of messages in it
i,j indices of network nodes
k an index of a message in c, 0 <=k < c.length
h an index of a channel in a set s, 0 <=k < s.getSize()

Furthermore, we will denote by di >= 0 the initial value of depositi and by n the number of nodes in the network.

  • Correctness Theorem
  • Invariants
  • Program Properties
  • Termination
  • Time Complexity

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