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2.4 Compiling the Program

Assuming that all of the code presented in the previous section is contained in a file, that the DAJ toolkit is appropriately installed, and of course that Java is running on your system, you can compile the program by executing


The program may be then called in stand-alone mode by calling

java Main

By creating a HTML file Main.html and inserting the code

<APPLET code="Main.class" 
  width=120 height=30
  alt = "Your browser does not support Java.">
  <param name=buttonLabel value="Press me">
Please enable Java!
you can embed the application as an applet in a Web page. Calling e.g.
  appletviewer Main.html

allows you to test the applet.

Maintainer: Wolfgang Schreiner
Last Modification: October 1, 1998

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