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Algorithmic Combinatorics Publications

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Tewodros Amdeberhan, Mark W. Coffey, Olivier Espinosa, Christoph Koutschan, Dante V. Manna, Victor H. Moll. Integrals of powers of loggamma. Proceedings of the AMS 139(2), pp. 535-545. 2011. ISSN 0002-9939. [pdf] [bib]
Christoph Koutschan, Victor H. Moll. The integrals in Gradshteyn and Ryzhik. Part 18: Some automatic proofs. SCIENTIA Series A: Mathematical Sciences 20, pp. 93-111. 2011. Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso, Chile, ISSN 0716-8446. [pdf] [bib]
Christoph Koutschan, Manuel Kauers, Doron Zeilberger. Proof of George Andrews's and David Robbins's q-TSPP conjecture. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108(6), pp. 2196-2199. 2011. ISSN 0027-8424. [url] [pdf] [bib]
Stavros Garoufalidis, Christoph Koutschan. The sl3 Jones polynomial of the trefoil: a case study of q-holonomic recursions. Advances in Applied Mathematics 47(4), pp. 829-839. 2011. ISSN 0196-8858. [pdf] [bib]
Christoph Koutschan, Doron Zeilberger. The 1958 Pekeris-Accad-WEIZAC Ground-Breaking Collaboration that computed Ground States of Two-Electron Atoms (and its 2010 Redux). The Mathematical Intelligencer 33(2), pp. 52-57. 2011. ISSN 0343-6993. [url] [pdf] [bib]
Viktor Levandovskyy, Christoph Koutschan, Oleksandr Motsak. On Two-generated Non-commutative Algebras Subject to the Affine Relation. In: Proceedings of CASC 2011, Vladimir Gerdt, Wolfram Koepf, Ernst W. Mayr, Evgenii Vorozhtsov (ed.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6885, pp. 309-320. 2011. Springer, ISBN 978-3-642-23567-2. [pdf] [bib]
Frederic Chyzak, James H. Davenport, Christoph Koutschan, Bruno Salvy. On Kahan's Rules for Determining Branch Cuts. In: Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing (SYNASC), Dongming Wang et al. (ed.), pp. 47-51. 2011. IEEE Computer Society: Conference Publishing Services (CPS), ISBN 978-0-7695-4630-8. [pdf] [bib]
Christoph Koutschan. A Fast Approach to Creative Telescoping. Mathematics in Computer Science 4(2-3), pp. 259-266. 2010. ISSN 1661-8270. [pdf] [bib]
Christoph Koutschan. Eliminating Human Insight: An Algorithmic Proof of Stembridge's TSPP Theorem. In: Gems in Experimental Mathematics, Tewodros Amdeberhan and Luis A. Medina and Victor H. Moll (ed.), Contemporary Mathematics 517, pp. 219-230. 2010. American Mathematical Society, ISSN 0271-4132. [pdf] [bib]
Manuel Kauers, Christoph Koutschan. A Mathematica Package for q-Holonomic Sequences and Power Series. The Ramanujan Journal 19(2), pp. 137-150. 2009. Springer, ISSN 1382-4090. [pdf] [ps] [bib]
Manuel Kauers, Christoph Koutschan, Doron Zeilberger. A Proof of George Andrews' and Dave Robbins' q-TSPP-Conjecture (modulo a finite amount of routine calculations). The personal Journal of Ekhad and Zeilberger, pp. 1-8. January 2009. [url] [pdf] [ps] [bib]
Manuel Kauers, Christoph Koutschan, Doron Zeilberger. Proof of Ira Gessel's Lattice Path Conjecture. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106(28), pp. 11502-11505. July 2009. ISSN 0027-8424. [ps] [pdf] [bib]
Christoph Koutschan. Regular Languages and Their Generating Functions: The Inverse Problem. Theoretical Computer Science 391(1-2), pp. 65-74. 2008. ISSN 0304-3975. [pdf] [ps] [bib]
Christoph Koutschan, Viktor Levandovskyy. Computing one of Victor Moll's irresistible integrals with computer algebra. Computer Science Journal of Moldova 16(1(46)), pp. 35-49. 2008. ISSN 1561-4042. [pdf] [bib]