Winter Semester 2014

International Summer Schools

Old courses

  • Johannes Kepler University Linz:
    • Algebraic and Discrete Methods in Biology (SS2007, SS2008, SS2009)
    • Automated Reasoning (lecture and exercises) (WS2013)
    • Automated Reasoning Systems (SS2007, SS2011, SS2013)
    • Information Systems (WS2007, WS2008)
    • Logic Programming (WS2002, WS2003, WS2004, WS2005, WS2006, WS2007, WS2008, WS2009, WS2010, WS2011, WS2012, WS2013)
    • Rewriting in Computer Science and Logic (SS2013)
    • Selected Algorithms (WS2006, WS2007, SS2009, SS2012)
    • Unification Theory (SS2008, SS2010, SS2012, SS2014)
  • Tbilisi State University:
    • Logic Programming (SS1998)
    • Programming languages (SS1998)