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Appendix: Technologies for Distributed Systems

In the following, we summarize the main technologies, systems and languages relevant to building geographically distributed multi-user applications. The presented list is by no means complete; we intentionally focus on those activities that we consider to represent the main branches in this area. Our goal is to make the picture clear, not complete.

Our assessment is structured as follows:

  • Coordination Languages
  • WWW-Related Technologies
  • Java
  • ActiveX
  • VRML
  • HyperWave
  • Distributed Objects and Components
  • CORBA and OpenDoc
  • COM, DCOM, and OLE
  • Java JNI, RMI, IDL, and JavaBeans
  • Network Computing Systems
  • Nexus
  • Infospheres Infrastructure
  • PageSpace
  • Aglets Workbench
  • Legion
  • Collaborative Environments
  • Distributed Virtual Reality
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Virtual Classrooms

  • Maintainer: Wolfgang Schreiner
    Last Modification: March 11, 1997

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