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Concert Simulation and Debugging

An important part of the development environment is "offline simulation" i.e. testing and debugging a concert on a single computer without actually involving a cluster of networked computers. This involves the verification of the correctness of

Fortunately most of these issues can be tested by simply running a concert on a single host computer. The lecturer connects herself to the concert multiple times for each individual player group displaying all the components on a single screen. By running the intended lecturer actions, the effects on the various users can be observed; by switching instrument ensembles to independent mode allows to run the interactions of the audience with the concert.

However for detecting subtle problems in the flow of the concert, the availability of a "concert debugger" is advisable that allows step-tracing the concert and visualizing otherwise hidden activities (such as the state of beat sequences). Based on corresponding facilities in Java programming environments such a debugging/monitoring/simulation utility can be developed and integrated with the visual programming interface.

Maintainer: Wolfgang Schreiner
Last Modification: March 11, 1997

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