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The parallelization of multivariant resultant computation in Distributed Maple on a heterogenous network of PCs, workstations, and multiprocessors has shown very promising results. This algorithm is however only one (if major) component of the CASA function pacPlot whose speedup is our ultimate goal. We are therefore working on the parallelization of real root isolation and the seamless integration of the different parallel algorithms and parallelization layers such that the resulting code can be efficiently executed in different system environments.

Our future parallelization efforts will extend to other parts of the CASA library such as the function ssiPlot for plotting intersections of space surfaces [11] and the powerful CASA facilities for analyzing and manipulating algebraic sets. This will also give helpful insights for further improvements of the Distributed Maple system especially with respect to load balancing in an heterogeneous network. Combining different parallel algorithms and tuning them for different application contexts and system environments will present an interesting challenge.

Maintained by: Wolfgang Schreiner
Last Modification: April 22, 1999

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