Josef Schicho

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
e-mail: Josef.Schicho AT
phone: (A) +732 2468 5231
fax: (A) +732 2468 5211
Curriculum Vitae.

MathSciNet, Zentralblatt, ArXiV.
Doctoral students
Completed: Gabor Bodnar, Mohamed F. Shalaby, Ibolya Szilagyi, Jana Pilnikova, Tobias Beck, Brian Moore, Niels Lubbes, Madalina Hodorog
Current: Zijia Li, Matteo Gallet, Mehdi Makhul.
Current lectures
Selected talks
Closed linkages with paradoxical mobility.
A connection between kinematics and photogrammetry.
Gallimaufries and how to resolve them.
On the probability of multiple roots.
Funded projects
Funded by FWF: Solving Algebraic Equations II (P21461), Doctoral College, Radical Parametrizations of Algebraic Curves, Algebraic Methods in Kinematics.