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Full Language (Contd)

pi |- E1: tauexp pi |- E2: tauexp
pi |- E1=E2: boolexp
pi |- E: boolexp
pi |- not E: boolexp

pi |- E: intloc
pi |- @E: intexp
pi |- N: intexp
pi |- L: intloc

pi |- E: theta
pi |- I=E: {I:theta}

pi |- E1: pi1 pi |- E2: pi2
pi |- E1,E2: pi1 U pi2

pi |- E1: pi1 pi -U- pi1 |- E2: theta
pi |- with E1 do E2: theta

pi |- I: theta
if (I:theta) in pi
pi -U- {I:theta1} |- E:theta2
pi |- lambdaI:theta1. E: theta1 -> theta2

pi |- E1: theta1 -> theta2 pi |- E2: theta1
pi |- E1 E2: theta2

pi |- I: theta
if (I:theta) in pi

Author: Wolfgang Schreiner
Last Modification: May 14, 1998

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