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Typing Rules

L: intloc E: intexp
L:=E: comm

C1: comm C2: comm
C1;C2: comm

E: boolexp C1: comm C2: comm
if E then C1 else C2 fi: comm

E: boolexp C: comm
while E do C od: comm

skip: comm Expression
N: int
N: intexp

L: intloc
@L: intexp

E1: intexp E2: intexp
E1+E2: intexp

E: boolexp
not E: boolexp

E1: Texp E2: Texp
E1=E2: boolexp

if T in {int, bool}

Location Numeral
loci: intloc, if i>0 n: int, if n in Integer

Author: Wolfgang Schreiner
Last Modification: March 26, 1998

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