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Non-Liouvillian solutions for second order linear ODEs

E. S. Cheb-Terrab, L. Chan


There exist sound literature and algorithms for computing Liouvillian solutions for the important problem of linear ODEs with rational coefficients. Taking as sample the 363 second order equations of that type found in Kamke's book, for instance, 51\% of them admit Liouvillian solutions and so are solvable using Kovacic's algorithm. On the other hand, special function solutions not admitting Liouvillian form appear frequently in mathematical physics, but there are not so general algorithms for computing them. In this paper we present an algorithm for computing special function solutions which can be expressed using the \2F1, \1F1 or \0F1 hypergeometric functions. The algorithm is easy to implement in the framework of a computer algebra system and systematically solves 91\% of the 363 Kamke's linear ODE examples mentioned.

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