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TitleFirst order differential operators in real dimension eight
Author(s) Irene Sabadini, Daniele C. Struppa
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractThe authors are interested in function theories which can be developed in real dimension eight. The reason why this dimension has been chosen is that eight is the highest real dimension for which real alternative division algebras can exist. Thus in the Introduction the authors analyze the algebras of biquaternions (complex quaternions) and octonions (Cayley numbers) and the Clifford algebra generated by three imaginary units. In Section 2 they consider notions of regularity for those algebras as well as for some other variables related to them, such as two quaternionic variables. Section 3 analyzes one-variable theories versus several-variable theories where 'one variable' can be one multidimensional variable (such as the quaternionic variable). Several Cauchy integral formulas are presented in Section 4, while in Section 5 one can learn about certain relations between the material in the previous sections and physics.
Keywordsquaternionic analysis, clifford alanysis, algebraic analysis, octonions, cauchy formulas
URL www.tlc185.com/coala
JournalComplex Var. Theory Appl.
Translation No
Refereed No