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TitleWavelet Design Using Grobner Basis Methods
Author(s) A.F. Abdelnour
TypePhD Theses
AbstractThe thesis discusses the design of various types of wavelets with different properties using Groebner basis. This results in new filterbanks. For example, it was possible to obtain 2-channel orthogonal filterbanks approximating symmetry with the error made as small as one wishes. Conversely, it was possible to find 2-band symmetric filterbanks approximating orthogonality. In addition, 4-channel tight frame filterbanks are found. The resulting filterbanks are symmetric, nearly shift invariant, and approximate orthogonality. It was also possible to find 4-channel filterbanks approximating Hilbert properties and with a symmetric envelope.

Advisor: Ivan Selesnick, Polytechnic University
The thesis can be retrieved @ http://taco.poly.edu/farras
Keywordswavelets, frames, groebner method
URL http://taco.poly.edu/farras
Translation No
Refereed No