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TitleThe THEOREMA Project: A Progress Report
Author(s) Bruno Buchberger, Claudio Dupre, Tudor Jebelean, Franz Kriftner, Koji Nakagawa, Daniela Vasaru, Wolfgang Windsteiger
TextB. Buchberger, C. Dupre, T. Jebelean, F. Kriftner, K. Nakagawa, D. Vasaru, and W. Windsteiger. The THEOREMA project: A progress report. In M. Kerber and M. Kohlhase, editors, Symbolic Computation and Automated Reasoning, pages 98-113. A. K. Peters, 2001.
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractThe Theorema project aims at supporting, within one consistent logic and one coherent software system, the entire mathematical exploration cycle including the phase of proving. In this paper we report on some of the new features of Theorema that have been designed and implemented since the first expository version of Theorema in 1997.
Pages98 - 113
Translation No
Refereed No