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TitleAn Architecture for Cooperating Constraint Solvers on Reals
Author(s) Michel Rueher
TypeBook, Chapter in Book, Conference Proceeding
AbstractIn this paper we introduce a cooperative scheme for solving systems of constraints over the reals. First, we informally show how an appropriate combination of symbolic and numeric solvers makes it possible to solve problems that none of these solvers can tackle alone. Then, we specify a cooperative architecture which allows to use concurrently heterogeneous solvers when handling constraints over the reals. This architecture is based upon agents that communicate via asynchronous message passing. Agent are synchronized when a failure or a success occurs. Disjunctive constraints are handled by backtracking. Operational semantics and terminating conditions of such systems are discussed. Message processing is detailed for both the general case where several non-deterministic solvers are involved in the cooperation, and for more specialized architectures.
EditorAndreas Podelski
Translation No
Refereed No