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TitleContributions to Constructive Polynomial Ideal Theory XXIII: Forgotten Works of Leningrad Mathematician N. M. Gjunter on Polynomial Ideal Theory
Author(s) Georgij G. Rasputin, Bodo Renschuch, Hartmut Roloff
TextTranslated by Michael Abramson
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractIn a 1941 paper (which is condensed here), N.M. Gjunter refers to some of his unknown papers from 1910,
1913 and 1925, which are partially written in context with the 1941 paper. Thus Gjunter had already pursued
a constructive theory of polynomial ideals in 1913. Among other results, he proves the inequality attributed to
Macaulay/Sperner in 1913 (from 1927 and 1930, respectively). Also discussed are results analogous to more
recent work. The author hereby finishes his sequence of articles.
Translation Yes
Refereed No