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TitleVisualization of Distributed Data Structures for HPF-like Languages
Author(s) Siegfried Grabner, Rainer Koppler, Jens Volkert
TextR. Koppler, S. Grabner, and J. Volkert. Visualization of Distributed Data Structures for HPF-like Languages. To be published in Scientific Programming, spec. issue on implentations of High-Performance-Fortran.
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractThis paper motivates the usage of graphics and visualization for efficient utilization of HPF's data distribution facilities. It proposes a graphical tooltkit consisting of exploratory tools and estimation tools which allow the programmer to navigate through complex distributions and to obtain graphical ratings with respect to load distribution and communication. The toolkit has been implemented in a mapping design and visualization tool which is coupled with a compilation system for the HPF predecessor Vienna Fortran. Since this language covers a superset of HPF's facilities, the tool may also be used for visualization of HPF data structures.
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