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TitleImplementing non-linear constraints with cooperative solvers
Author(s) Eric Monfroy, Michael Rusinowitch, Rene Schott
TypeArticle in Conference Proceedings
AbstractWe investigate the use of cooperation between solvers in the scheme of constraint logic programming languages over the domain of non-linear polynomial constraints. Instead of using a general and often inefficient decision procedure we propose a new approach for handling these constraints by cooperating specialised solvers. Our approach requires the design of a client/server architecture to enable communication between the various components. The main modules are a linear solver, a non-linear solver, a constraint manager, a communication protocol component and an answer processor module.

This work is motivated by the need for a declarative system for robot motion planning and geometric problem solving. We have implemented a prototype called CoSAc (Constraint System Architecture) to validate our approach using cooperating solvers for non-linear constraints over the real numbers. Our language is illustrated by an example that also shows the advantages of cooperation.
EditorK. M. George and J. H. Carroll and D. Oppenheim and J. Hightower
Translation No
Refereed No