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TitleMultiprocessor runtime support for fine-grained, irregular DAGs
Author(s) E. A. Brewer, F. T. Chong, J. Saltz, S. D. Sharma
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractWe examine multiprocessor runtime support for fine-grained, irregular directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) such as those that arise from sparse-matrix triangular solves. We conduct our experiments on the CM-5, whose lower latencies and active-message support allow us to achieve unprecedented speedups for a general multiprocessor. Where as previous implementations have maximum speedups of less than 4 on even simple banded matrices, we are able to obtain scalable performance on extremely small and irregular problems. On a matrix with only 5300 rows, we are able to achieve scalable performance with a speedup of 34 for 128 processors, resulting in an absolute performance of over 33 million double-precision floating point operations per second.

We achieve these speedups with non-matrix-specific methods which are applicable to any DAG. We compare a range of run-time preprocessed and dynamic approaches on matrices from the Harwell-Boeing benchmark set. Although precomputed data distributi...
JournalParallel Processing Letters
Translation No
Refereed No