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TitleSolving parametric polynomial equations and inequalities by symbolic algorithms
Author(s) Volker Weispfenning
TextV. Weispfenning. Solving parametric polynomial equations and inequalities by symbolic algorithms. In J. Fleischer, J. Grabmeier, F. W. Hehl, and W. Kuchlin, editors, Computer Algebra in Science and Engineering. World Scientific Publishing, 1995.
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractThe talk gives a survey on some symbolic algorithmic methods for solving systems of algebraic equations with special emphasis on parametric systems. Besides complex solutions I consider also real solutions of systems including inequalities. The techniques described include the Euclidean algorithm, Grobner bases, characteristic sets, univariate and multivariate Sturm-Sylvester theorems, comprehensive Grobner bases and elimination methods for parametric optimization problems. Some examples
illustrate the use of symbolic algorithms for the solution of parametric systems.
Translation No
Refereed No
Organization Universität Passau