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TitlePACLIB - A System for Parallel Algebraic Computation on Shared Memory Computers
Author(s) Hoon Hong, Wolfgang Schreiner
TypeArticle in Conference Proceedings
AbstractThis paper gives an overview on the structure and the use of Paclib, a new system for parallel algebraic computation on shared memory computers.

Paclib has been developed as a professional tool for the simple design and efficient implementation of parallel algorithms in computer algebra and related areas. It provides concurrency, shared memory communication, non-determinism, speculative parallelism, streams and pipelining and a parallelized garbage collection.
Paclib has been implemented on a Sequent Symmetry multiprocessor and is portable to other shared memory machines and workstations. Several algebraic algorithms have been implemented in Paclib
and demonstrate the effectiveness of the system.
JournalParallel Systems Fair
AddressNewport Beach, CA, April 14
EditorHussein M. Alnuweiri
Translation No
Refereed No
Conferencename7th International Parallel Processing Symposium