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TitleGröbner Bases and Involutive Bases
Author(s) Andrey V. Astrelin, Oleg D. Golubitsky, Eugeny V. Pankratiev
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractRecently, constructive methods became widely used in commutative algebra. These methods are mainly based on the theory of Gröbner bases and involutive bases. Due to various applications, the investigations of effectiveness of constructing of the Gröbner bases are very urgent. The algorithm of constructing of the Gröbner bases is bases on considering of S-polynomials and applying of a normal simplificator.

In the paper we try to establish a relation between the theory of Gröbner bases and the theory of involutive bases. It is known that any involutive basis contains as a subset the Gröbner basis of the ideal.
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