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TitleUnbalanced Oil and Vinegar Signature Schemes
Author(s) Louis Goubin, Aviad Kipnis, Jacques Patarin
TextThis paper is the extended version of the paper with the same title published at EUROCRYPT'99.
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractIn [16], J. Patarin designed a new scheme, called "Oil and Vinegar", for computing asymmetric signatures. It is very simple, can be computed very fast (both in secret and public key) and requires very little RAM in smartcard implementations. The idea consists in hiding quadratic equations in n unknowns called "oil" and v = n unknowns called "vinegar" over a finite field K, with linear secret functions. This original scheme was broken in [10] by A. Kipnis and A. Shamir. In this paper, we study some very simple variations of the original scheme where v > n (instead of v = n). These schemes are called "Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar" (UOV),
since we have more "vinegar" unknowns than "oil" unknowns.
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
Translation No
Refereed No