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TitleA parallel implementation of Buchberger's algorithm over Zp for p >= 31991
Author(s) Alyson A. Reeves
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractGröbner bases of ideals of polynomials are known to have many applications. They have been applied to problems in commutative algebra, statistics, graph theory, robotics and differential equations. Their use as a research tool, however, is limited by their computational complexity. These two facts have inspired numerous attempts to parallelize Buchberger's algorithm to compute them.
In this paper, we describe a parallel implementation developed on the Cray T3D using the extensions to C provided by ac. The program is based on the publicly available package Macaulay which computes Gröbner bases of homogeneous ideals over Z p for primesp le 31991. The efficiency is nearly 100% on up to 16 processors for moderately sized problems. Above 16 processors, the efficiency drops.
JournalJournal of Symbolic Computation
PublisherAcademic Press, Inc.
AddressDuluth, MN, USA
Translation No
Refereed No