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TitleAn Integration of FDI and DX Approaches to Polynomial Models
Author(s) Rafael Ceballos, Carmelo Del Valle, Rafael M. Gasca, Miguel Toro
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractIn engineering applications, many models are a set of polynomial constraints. In order to automate and improve the diagnosis of these models, we propose a new approach for the integration of both FDI and DX approaches. It allows us to achieve a synergy that produces results that could not be obtained if each one was operating individually.

This paper uses Gröbner bases to generate a more single model of the system. First, it eliminates the non-observable variables of the constraints of the model and afterwards, we construct a context network with the minimal possible conflicts and polynomial constraints in the nodes of this network. Our methodology proposes an algorithm that uses different aspects of FDI and DX approaches to obtain the minimal diagnosis. This novel approach may be very useful for on-boarding diagnosis.
KeywordsDiagnosis, Polynomial models, Model-based diagnosis, Gröbner bases
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