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TitleIdentities in the algebra of partial maps.
Author(s) Marcel Jackson, Timothy Stokes
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractWe consider the identities of a variety of semigroup-related algebras modelling the algebra of partial maps. We show that the identities are intimately related to a weak semigroup deductive system and we show that the equational theory is decidable. We do this by giving a term rewriting system for the variety. We then show that this variety has many subvarieties whose equational theory interprets the full uniform word problem for semigroups and consequently are undecidable. As a corollary it is shown that the equational theory of Clifford semigroups whose natural order is a semilattice is undecidable.

KeywordsAgreeable semigroups; algebra of partial maps; word problem; equational problem
ISSN0218-1967; 1793-6500/e
URL http://www.worldscientific.com/doi/abs/10.1142/S0218196706003426
JournalInt. J. Algebra Comput.
PublisherWorld Scientific, Singapore
Translation No
Refereed No