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TitleAlgebraic cryptanalysis of 58-round SHA-1.
Author(s) Hideki Imai, Mitsuru Kawazoe, Ludovic Perret, Makoto Sugita
TypeBook, Chapter in Book, Conference Proceeding
AbstractIn 2004, a new attack against SHA-1 has been proposed by a team leaded by Wang [15]. The aim of this article is to sophisticate and improve Wang’s attack by using algebraic techniques. We introduce new notions, namely semi-neutral bit and adjuster and propose then an improved message modification technique based on algebraic techniques. In the case of the 58-round SHA-1, the experimental complexity of our improved attack is 231 SHA-1 computations, whereas Wang’s method needs 234 SHA-1 computations. We have found many new collisions for the 58-round SHA-1. We also study the complexity of our attack for the full SHA-1.
KeywordsSHA-1, Gröbner basis, differential attack
URL http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-540-74619-5_22
PublisherBerlin: Springer
Translation No
Refereed No