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TitleDetermining the global minimum of Higgs potentials via Groebner bases - applied to the NMSSM.
Author(s) Möller H. M., A. Von Manteuffel, O. Nachtmann
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractDetermining the global minimum of Higgs potentials with several Higgs fields like the next-to-minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model (NMSSM) is a non-trivial task already at the tree level. The global minimum of a Higgs potential can be found from the set of all its stationary points defined by a multivariate polynomial system of equations. We introduce here the algebraic Groebner basis approach to solve this system of equations. We apply the method to the NMSSM with CP-conserving as well as CP-violating parameters. The results reveal an interesting stationary-point structure of the potential. Requiring the global minimum to give the electroweak symmetry breaking observed in Nature excludes large parts of the parameter space.
ISSN1434-6044; 1434-6052/e
URL http://link.springer.com/article/10.1140%2Fepjc%2Fs10052-006-0186-2
JournalEur. Phys. J. C, Part. Fields
PublisherSpringer, Heidelberg
Translation No
Refereed No