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TitleA Quadratic Optimiser in a Constraint Logic Programming Paradigm
Author(s) Hussein A. Abbass
TextThe workshop of constraint, 11th Australia Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence, Australia.
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractThis paper presents a quadratic optimiser for solving quadratic programming optimisation problem in constraint logic programming paradigm. Quadratic programming optimisation problems are a subclass of the general nonlinear programming optimisation problems in operational research. The optimiser showed fast convergence over the tested problems.
It enriched the CLP(R) in Sicstus Prolog with the capability of quadratic programming optimisation in addition to the existing capability of linear
programming optimisation which opens further domain of applications to CLP. Moreover, it could be extended to be used by successive quadratic programming method to solve a large class of nonlinear optimisation problems.
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