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TitleComputing representations for radicals of finitely generated differential ideals.
Author(s) François Boulier, Daniel Lazard, Francois Ollivier, Michel Petitot
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractThis paper deals with systems of polynomial differential equations, ordinary or with partial derivatives. The embedding theory is the differential algebra of Ritt and Kolchin. We describe an algorithm, named Rosenfeld–Gröbner, which computes a representation for the radical 𝔭 of the differential ideal generated by any such system Σ. The computed representation constitutes a normal simplifier for the equivalence relation modulo 𝔭 (it permits to test membership in 𝔭). It permits also to compute Taylor expansions of solutions of Σ. The algorithm is implemented within a package (the package (diffalg) is available in MAPLE standard library since MAPLE VR5) in MAPLE.
KeywordsComputer algebra, Differential algebra
ISSN0938-1279; 1432-0622/e
URL http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00200-009-0091-7
JournalAppl. Algebra Eng. Commun. Comput.
PublisherSpringer, Berlin/Heidelberg
Translation No
Refereed No