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TitleA simple introduction to Gr\"obner basis methods in string phenomenology.
Author(s) James Gray
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractI give an elementary introduction to the key algorithm used in recent applications of computational algebraic geometry to the subject of string phenomenology. I begin with a simple description of the algorithm itself and then give 3 examples of its use in physics. I describe how it can be used to obtain constraints on flux parameters, how it can simplify the equations describing vacua in 4D string models, and lastly how it can be used to compute the vacuum space of the electroweak sector of the MSSM.
ISSN1687-7357; 1687-7365/e
URL http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ahep/2011/217035/
JournalAdv. High Energy Phys.
PublisherHindawi, New York, NY
Translation No
Refereed No