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TitleParallel Computer Algebra on the Desk-Top
Author(s) Beatrice Amrhein, Wolfgang Küchlin
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractWe report on the development of PARSAC-2, a library of parallel
algebraic algorithms designed specifically for networks of multiprocessor workstations. PARSAC-2 is built upon the S-threads system environment for multi-threaded symbolic computation. S-threads provides virtual parallelism by mapping thousands of very light-weight processes
onto the processors of a workstation. It is currently being extended
with network functionality, so that heavy-weight processes can be mapped across the network while preserving the S-threads interface. The current goal of algorithm development in PARSAC is the construction of a parallel
polynomial equation solver using Groebner-Bases. We report on the
design of a strategycompliant parallel Groebner-Basis computation with factorization.
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