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TitleSolving Constraints Over The Reals - A Multi-Solver Approach
Author(s) Philippe Marti, Michel Rueher
TextP. Marti and M. Rueher. Solving Constraints Over The Reals - A Multi-Solver Approach. In Proceedings of TAI'94 - 6th IEEE international conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, pages 304-310. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1994.
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractIn this paper we introduce a multi-solver approach for solving systems of constraints over the reals. First, we informally show how a cooperation between different solvers makes it possible to solve problems that
none of these solvers can tackle alone. Then, we specify a cooperative architecture based upon agents that communicate via asynchronous message passing. This architecture allows to use concurrently symbolic and numerical solvers together, in order to handle constraints over the real numbers.
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