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TitleAlgorithm Animation with AGAT
Author(s) Olivier Arsac, Stephane Dalmas, Marc Gaetano
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractIn this paper, we describe agat, a new system for algorithm animation. agat differs from other such systems by its client-server architecture and the use of specialized programming language to describe the animation itself, independently of the animated program. It is thus much easier to animate an algorithm and to tune the animation. agat has been successfully used in our research group to investigate the behavior of complex algorithms like a binomial Groebner basis algorithm and an identification problem involving high degree polynomials for the design of microwave filters. We think that such a system can be a very useful tool for studying and understanding the complex algorithms that are routinely used and designed in computer algebra. agat runs on a wide variety of computers with the X window system.
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