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TitleConstraint Logic Programming on Boolean, Integer and Real Intervals
Author(s) Frederic Benhamou, William J. Older, Andre Vellino
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractImperative programming languages for computing on intervals stand in contrast to systems of relational interval arithmetic that are seamlessly integrated into a logic programming language like CLP(BNR). The combined power of a symbolic, logic programming language on the one hand and a mathematically correct, logically sound and computationally efficient programming system (constraint arithmetic on intervals) on the other, is considerably more powerful than either taken separately. Boolean, integer and real-valued simultaneous constraint equations can be mixed freely in CLP(BNR), not only to contain floating point errors and perform sensitivity analysis but also to express a wide variety of linear and non-linear programming problems, scheduling and configuration problems as well as optimization and operations research problems. Some simple examples of how this can be done are given as well as a summary report on experimental applications of this technology to industrial problems.
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