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TitleTitle: A New Proof for the Correctness of F5 (F5-Like) Algorithms
Author(s) Yao Sun, Dingkang Wang
AbstractThe famous F5 algorithm for computing Gr\"obner basis was presented by Faug\`ere in 2002 without complete proofs for its correctness. The current authors have simplified the original F5 algorithm into an F5 algorithm in Buchberger's style (F5B algorithm), which is equivalent to original F5 algorithm and may deduce some F5-like versions. In this paper, the F5B algorithm is briefly revisited and a new complete proof for the correctness of F5B algorithm is proposed. This new proof is not limited to homogeneous systems and does not depend on the strategy of selecting critical pairs (i.e. the strategy deciding which critical pair is computed first) such that any strategy could be utilized in F5B (F5) algorithm. From this new proof, we find that the special reduction procedure (F5-reduction) is the key of F5 algorithm, so maintaining this special reduction, various variation algorithms become available. A natural variation of F5 algorithm, which transforms original F5 algorithm to a non-incremental algorithm, is presented and proved in this paper as well. This natural variation has been implemented over the Boolean ring. The two revised criteria in this natural variation are also able to reject almost all unnecessary computations and few polynomials reduce to 0 in most examples.
KeywordsGrobner basis, F5 algorithm, proof of correctness, variation algorithm
URL http://arxiv.org/abs/1004.0084
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