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TitleA Groebner Bases Based Many-Valued Modal Logic Implementation in Maple
Author(s) Luis M. Laita, Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio Roanes-Macías
TypeArticle in Journal
AbstractThe authors developed in the nineties a Groebner bases based polynomial model for classic Boolean algebra and many-valued modal logics and for rule based expert systems (RBES) based on these logics. Following this approach, they have designed and developed RBES in different fields. Now two Maple packages that can perform knowledge extraction and consistency checking in RBES which underlying logic is either classic Boolean or Kleene’s or Lukasiewicz’s many-valued modal have been developed and can be freely obtained from the authors. They extend the possibilities of Maple’s built-in “Logic” package.
KeywordsLogic and Symbolic Computing - Groebner Bases - Rule Based Expert Systems
JournalIntelligent Computer Mathematics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Translation No
Refereed Yes