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TitleFundamental Problems of Algorithmic Algebra
Author(s) Chee K. Yap
TypeBook, Chapter in Book, Conference Proceeding
AbstractThe Fundamental Theorem of Algebra says that
a complex polynomial of degree d has exactly
d complex zeros. Finding these zeroes may
be called the Fundamental Problem of Algorithmic Algebra.
This book's title suggest that it is about
various generalizations of this fundamental problem:
from solving multivariate polynomial systems
to ideal membership.

The book is unique in its emphasis on bounds --
from multivariate zero bounds to degree
bounds on ideal membership and in Groebner bases.
It also has a nice treatment of subresultant theory.
Some original material includes
a generalized Sturm theory and
generalized U-resultants.
KeywordsFundamental Problem of Algorithmic Algebra, Ideal Bounds, Double Exponential Degree Bounds for Groebner Bases, multvariate zero bounds
ISBN 0-19-512516-9
PublisherOxford University Press
NoteSee http://cs.nyu.edu/yap/book/ for downloadable preliminary version
Translation No
Refereed No