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TitleHybrid Control Systems and Comprehensive Grobner Bases
Author(s) Krister Forsman
TextForsman, K. (1994). Hybrid Control Systems and Comprehensive Grobner Bases. In: Proceedings of the 33 rd Conference on Decision and Control. Lake Buena Vista, FL. pp. 4092-4097.
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractA class of hybrid systems that can be modeled by polynomial differential equations is investigated. By a hybrid system we mean a system which mixes continuous and discrete variables. All variables in the system have the same time scale, though. The polynomial models have the advantage that constructive methods are available for system analysis. One such method that
occurs naturally in this context is so called comprehensive Groebner bases.
Keywordshybrid systems, modeling, symbolic computation
Pages4092 - 4097
Translation No
Refereed No