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TitleMinimal generators for invariant ideals in infinite dimensional polynomial rings
Author(s) Christopher Hillar, Troels Windfeldt
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractLet K be a field, and let R = K[X] be the polynomial ring in an infinite collection X of indeterminates over K. Let SX be the symmetric group of X. The group SX acts naturally on R, and this in turn gives R the structure of a left module over the group ring R[SX]. A recent theorem of Aschenbrenner and Hillar states that the module R is Noetherian. We address whether submodules of R can have any number of minimal generators, answering this question positively. As a corollary, we show that there are invariant ideals of R with arbitrarily large minimal Gröbner bases. We also describe minimal Gröbner bases for monomially generated submodules.
Translation No
Refereed No
SponsorsRICAM, Special Semester on Groebner Bases 2006