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TitleA Gröbner free alternative for polynomial system solving
Author(s) Marc Giusti, Gregoire Lecerf, Bruno Salvy
TextGiusti (M.), Lecerf (G.), and Salvy (B.). - A Gröbner free alternative for polynomial system solving. In Proceedings FOCM'99. - 1999.
TypeTechnical Report, Misc
AbstractLet f1, ..., fn and g be polynomials in Q[x1, ... , xn], such that the system f1 = ... = fn = 0 and g not equal 0 has only a finite number of solutions. Following a long series of theoretical papers, G. Lecerf, M. Giusti and B. Salvy propose a new algorithm to obtain a geometric resolution of the zero-set of the system. This algorithm is valid under the hypothesis that the system f1, ..., fn forms a reduced, regular sequence outside V(g). This talk presents the complexity of the algorithm, details some crucial steps and finally compares the implementation in Magma called Kronecker to other available softwares. It is based on [3].
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